Moonstone Guitars


Bartolini Superior world class electronics and pickups.
Berklee Press
Berklee Press Products for educating and training musicians. As serious about music as you are.
Blue Book Publicatuons Inc.
Blue Book Publicatuons Inc. The insiders information resource. Why guess when you can be sure
Christine Lakeland Official Website
Christine Lakeland Official Website “blues and country instincts with Memphis soul and Motown songcraft” Guitar Player Magazine
Ducks Deluxe Strings
Ducks Deluxe Strings Valuable guitar based web resources.
Ed Roman Guitars
Ed Roman Guitars World’s Best Guitars. Ed Romans carry the Moonstone Viking.
Guitar Gallery
Guitar Gallery Fine acoustic stringed instruments sales.
GuitarWall GuitarWall
Groove Tube
Groove Tube Top of the line Tube Amps & Tubes
Harmony Central
Harmony Central A list of amp & instrument manufactures
H.G.Thor Guitar Lab
H.G.Thor Guitar Lab “The Wiring Guru”
Custom Wiring Diagrams & Outstanding Customer Service
Henry Kaiser
Henry Kaiser The Official Webpage One of the most creative and innovative guitarists, improvisers, and producers in the fields of rock, jazz and experimental music.
Humboldt Folklife Society
Humboldt Folklife Society The mission of the Folklife Society is to promote celebration of and participation in folk and traditional arts.
Humboldt Music
Humboldt Humboldt County’s definitive music information source.
J.J.Cale Official Website A musical legend for more than 30 years.
Leo Quan
Leo Quan – Badass Bridges A standard for the guitar and bass industry.
L.R.Baggs Acoustic & electric instrument pickups & electronics.
Minarik Guitars
Minarik Guitars Super custom guitars. Minarik Guitars carries the Inferno.
Moses Graphite
Moses Graphite The first commercially available graphite bridges and bridgeplates for acoustic stringed instruments, and many structural materials for usage in stabilizing wood necks
Prairie Sun Recording Studio
Prairie Sun Recording Studio Prairie Sun is a ‘One-Stop’ recording facility comprised of dual 24-track studios, a 1,000 sq. ft. live chamber, and a Digidesign Pro Tools mastering department.
RMC Pickups
RMC Pickups Acoustic & electric pezio & midi synth convertors.
13th Fret
13th Fret Home of the most popular acoustic guitar discussion forum.
Tonepros Locking stop tail piece & tune-a-matic conversions.
Seymour Duncan Pickups
Seymour Duncan Pickups Builders of the world’s largest pickup!
Two St. Music Eureka Ca.
Two St. Music Eureka Ca. Two Street music has been serving Humboldt County’s musical instrument needs for nearly 30 years.
Wildwood Music
Wildwood Music Wildwood is a proud retailer of many fine instruments including Moonstone. Wildwood also carries a full line of strings, books, and accessories.
BerkleeMusic.Com Online music school for the continuing education and music career network from Berklee College of Music.
Taxi.Com TAXI: the world’s leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows.
Island Systems & Design
Island Systems & Design Audio Video Integrators for the Commercial and Home Markets
Birth of the Island Guitar PT1 PT2
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